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Birthdate:Nov 13
Location:United States of America

\(●`Д´●)ノ\(= ▽ =)ノ
formerly [info]meghan182

..why didn't someone tell me that my bio was so out of date and weird? OTL
I'll do this again sometime when I can figure out something much more witty and clever.
Until then - I don't know how to describe what you'll find here. It's mainly me spazzing about stuff and being way more long-winded than is necessary.

Stuff I like to spaz about: Kingdom Hearts, Axis Powers Hetalia, Left 4 Dead, Final Fantasy, D.Gray-man, The World Ends With You, Persona 3, Persona 4, Code Geass, and many others (listed down there in the interests.)

I talk way too much.

The closer you get to light, the greater your shadow becomes.

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Interests (158):

CAPSLOCK, .hack, 07 ghost, 28 days later, 28 weeks later, a goofy movie, air tv, alice in wonderland, amatsuki, america fuck yeah, anime, atlus, axis powers hetalia, ayakashi, bakuman, becoming one with russia, bokusatsu tenshi dokuro-chan, boys love, capsule, chobits, chrno crusade, clamp, clannad, code geass, coltemonikha, complex, cosplay, cowboy bebop, d.gray-man, dark cloud, dawn of the dead, deadman wonderland, deadmau5, death note, devil may cry, disney, donald duck, drakengard, ducktales, dynasty warriors, elfen lied, excel saga, fable, fail, fantasia, final fantasy, final fantasy ix, final fantasy vii, final fantasy viii, final fantasy x, fooly cooly, free tibet, getbackers, ghost in the shell, girls bravo, god of war, goof troop, goofy, gravitation, h2o, harry potter, haruhi suzumiya no yuutsu, hayate no gotoku, hellsing, higurashi, himawari!, house, ico, iosys, junjou romantica, kanon 2006, katamari damacy, khr, kigeki, kingdom hearts, klonoa, koutetsu sangokushi, kuroshitsuji, law & order: svu, law and order: svu, left 4 dead, lotr, lots and lots, love hina, loveless, lovely complex, lucky star, macros, manga, manga x10000, mario, mean girls, melody of oblivion, melty blood, mickey mouse, mirror's edge, monochrome factor, nabari no ou, neon genesis evangelion, nightofthelivingdead, only the ring finger, ouran koukou host club, paranoia agent, perfume, persona 3, persona 4, phoenix wright, popotan, resident evil, samurai champloo, sayonara zetsubou sensei, school days, sengoku basara, shadow of rome, shadow of the colossus, shin megami tensei, shining force neo, shoujo-ai, shounen-ai, shuffle!, silent hill, siren, skrillex, soul eater, soulcalibur, special a, spirited away, square enix, star fox, strawberry panic, sukisho, super smash bros., tales series, the last remnant, the legend of zelda, the lion king, the venture bros., togainu no chi, toki o kakeru shoujo, tons of anime, trauma center, true tears, tsukuyomi moon phase, twewy, umineko, uverworld, uzumaki, vampire knight, video games, welcome to the nhk, world war z, xxxholic, yaoi, yumeria, yuri, zombie loan, zombie survival guide, zombies
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